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what is demand


Veth Group is the pioneer of a new service category called Demand Testing


Demand Testing now gives organizations the ability to run specific demand generation tests to determine the highest ROI messages and mediums for business growth.


Our approach blends together empathy, creativity, technology, and analytics.
To truly evaluate the effectiveness of inbound vs. outbound marketing for your business, along with the ability to blend them, you need a partner with a range of capabilities.



For this reason: Veth Group has developed end-to-end capabilities in cold calling, direct mail, package marketing, email marketing, and digital marketing (written, audio, and visual).


Our framework for demand generation has 3 components:
01. Effectiveness

The process of brainstorming, iterating, and testing demand generation strategies to find the highest use of available resources.

02. Efficiency

The process of scaling effective demand generation strategies through

the use of productivity tools, outsourcing, and technology automation.

03. Consistency

The process of measuring and managing demand generation, reducing the variability of results across a given unit of time.

At Veth Group, we are not romantic about any particular method of demand generation. However, our commitment to the above process does not waver.

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