We're a scrappy, entrepreneurial team...much like yours might be.And we built a business from $0 to $3.6 MM in actual revenue.Without outside funding...And a really, really simple website.Because we're quite good at creating content that gets attention.And we've built systems to cost-effectively distribute it via both cold email and social media.A few notes on us:- we have 169 active clients- we generated over 25,000 cold email meeting requests in 2023- we produce roughly 150 LinkedIn posts per week- all of our projects have instant cancellation policies- we're built to be affordable...our outbound email service starts at $2,500/month, and our LinkedIn personal branding service starts at $750/month- our customer service teams are 100% US-based- we do work with big companies, but our sweet spot tends to be more mid-market

Veth Group, Inc.
2000 Mallory Lane
STE 130-320
Franklin, TN 37067

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